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Bozeman, Montana from the Bridgers

So you have found yourself in Bozeman, Montana and wondering what to do.  Chances are high you landed here with plans to visit Yellowstone National Park, Montana State University, get in some fly fishing and enjoying a ranch stay.  If it’s winter, you’re probably here for some skiing at Big Sky Resort.  Although, they do have A LOT of activities in the summer as well.  We get a lot of questions from guests who have rent Jeeps from us, asking us about what to do in town.  The usual scenario is that you have 1 or 2 days during the start or end of your stay where you have decided to see what is here.  We have put together this guide to help with activities and things to see while you are here that help showcase our little city.

Quick Facts

  • founded in 1864 and named after John Bozeman
  • Population: ~50,000
  • located in a valley called Gallatin Valley.  
  • located in Gallatin County
  • located 80 miles from the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park (driving distances)
  • located 80 miles from Main entrance of Yellowstone National park (driving distances)
  • located 40 miles from Big Sky Resort

What we like about Bozeman

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