2018-08-13 Current Wildfires in Montana

August 2018 Fires in Montana

We have been seeing a lot of smoke lately. The map above is just a snippet of the fires that are burning in the Western United States. The smoke is here though. What does this mean for you? Well, if you are coming out to Bozeman/Yellowstone area, be prepared for smoke. During Spring, Winter and Fall when we don’t have fires and visibility are really good, you can see all the Mountains surrounding the Bozeman area. At this time though, you can’t see much and depending on the wind pattern, sometimes nothing at all. Not even the mountain ranges closest to us (those that are about a 15-minute drive away).

At the moment there are about 12 fires in Montana with fires growing the Washington, Oregon an California. Pacific weather patterns push the smoke from these fires and those in Canada over Montana as well. The image below shows the smoke forecast for the coming days. Though changing weather patterns can skew the forecast, it provides a good idea of what to expect. If you are interested in the Air quality where you will be visiting, this site provides indicators for different areas in Montana.

Smoke Forecast courtesy of noaa website