The Roost

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Address:  1530 West Main Street
Phone: 406-404-1475
Type of Food:  Fried Chicken in all sorts of combinations.
Hours:  11am-9PM 7 days

The Roost is a restaurant that specializes in chicken.  They serve both rotisserie and fried.  The main dining area inside has about 8 tables. 6 of which seat 4.  There is a patio seating area as well that has a few more patio furniture style seating and picnic tables.  Although the place is small, people are generally in and out rather quickly and you don’t have to wait too long for a table.   Everything is made to order so there will be a wait after you place your order but it will be worth the wait.
Chicken Sandwich | The Roost | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Bozeman Jeep Car Rentals
Sandwiches are a decent size and if you like spicy chicken, this is the place to go. Their Nashville Hot chicken is spicy and delicious.  Here’s a shot of their Fried Chicken sandwich.  You’ll need plenty of napkins for the delicious Comeback Sauce!
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