Airports in Montana

Montana has seven primary and one regional airport. If you are heading into Yellowstone National Park or visiting southwest Montana then chances are high are flying into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. The airport is located about 15 minutes from Downtown Bozeman and 10 minutes from area hotels near Baxter Lane and 19th Street. If you are renting a Jeep from us, this is where we will meet. All rentals from Rocky Mountain Expeditions must start and end in Bozeman.

If you are looking for information on alternative ways to get to Bozeman and want to shop around on flights. Another option is Billings Logan International. This is 2 hours and 15 minutes (143 Miles) from downtown Bozeman. Because we do not service Billings, you would need to rent a vehicle in the Billings area. If your plans involve Yellowstone National Park, depending on the time of year, you could take the Beartooth Highway to the Northeast Entrance. The Beartooth Highway is only open certain times of the year because of weather. If it is not open, Yellowstone National Park is about 3 hours from the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone.
Another option for southwest Montana is the airport in Butte, Bert Mooney Airport. The Butte airport is a little less than 2 hours from downtown Bozeman.

If your travels are to Glacier National Park, Glacier Park International Airport will be your destination.

If you plan on visiting the University of Montana, then you’ll probably want to land in Missoula International Airport.